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I would be out there with him if it happened in Texas!
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Poll: Brown 49; Shaheen: 44

Texaslady58 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 4:22 PM
I like Brown and I hope he wins big!
Can you say Soros.
I love it finally there are many things they could blame on demlibs quit being afraid!
Very good post and lets pray and work hard to see it happen our young people are the future and these young men and women fit the bill now do it.
I was so proud of our young guns at CPAC yesterday time for changing of the guard in our conservative party.
These are what the Obamakins are like I have a feeling some of them may be wishing they had not got what they asked for soon when the money runs out and there are no more freebies, these unions (including teachers) are why our kids and grandkids will grow up learning liberal and progressive ways and will never know what America is really about
She is so sickening I was hoping we did not have to see her ugly mug anymore afterall her messiah lord and savior won't be campaigning anymore guess know one told her
Obama is pretending to be president and a leader also
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