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Reid Keeps Digging

Texas Jim Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 4:57 PM
Yeah, and I guess you prefer that SOMEONE ELSE pay for it too, you scumbag, welfare, food stamp loser. Pull your head out, Josh! Man up and take responsibility for your own life, you liberal-socialist a~s douch!

Yesterday evening, Mitt Romney threw down a gauntlet for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who had accused him of committing federal crimes in a Senate floor speech.  The money quote -- "put up or shut up," Harry:

This is a strong response from Romney for several reasons.  First, he blasts Nevada's dimmest bulb for his craven and fact-free accusations.  Then, just to be clear, he categorically denies the Majority Leader's evidence-free conjecture. Finally, he transitions quickly into a...