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When is the T/H webmaster gonna get off his/her lazy backside and block this sh!t? I'm tired of looking at it. DO YOUR FRICKIN JOB!!!
Just another piece of brainless, empty-headed, liberal-socialist, emotion-driven, non critical thinking, America-hating "journalist" trash. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I offend you? Hey, F__K YOU, you worthless c__t! Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say you - nor anyone else, for that matter - have a right NOT to be offended. So shove it up your gutless, traitorous, terrorist-sympathizing a$$... sideways!
What a total scumbag. A documented liar, cheat and thief. You had your chance at the critical 3am phone call, Billary Bloviator, and you blew it! Four Americans died on your watch because of your gross incompetence. You're no better than your boss, Oblahblah - a vile, despicable, bald-faced lying fraud. But hey, what does it matter? You P.O.S.
The release of that so-called "report" by Senate democrats on EIT's is just one more in a long list of military (and intelligence agency) back stabbing, terrorist sympathizing, America hating, treasonous acts by the gutless, traitorous left in this country, a.k.a. National Socialist Democrat Abortion Party.
Yeah, I guess they showed the rest of us, huh. Thanks for "sticking by your principles" and saddling the nation with this gutless, traitorous, America-hating, military back-stabbing, terrorist-sympathizing coward.
Brainless, bug-eyed, empty-headed, San Francisco gay-rights liberal-socialist moron. A vile, despicable, delusional bald-faced lying fraud.
This so-called "Human Rights Commission" sounds more like the LGBT Rights Commission. Scumbag liberal-socialist trash. To use The Sopranos vernacular, they need to go away.
More lawlessness (that means breaking the law for all you low info types on the left) from the gutless, traitorous, anti-American, terrorist-sympathizing coward Oblahblah.
Once again the vile despicable bald-faced lying fraud Oblahblah - enemy of the rule of law and always the least qualified person in any room he walks into - flaps his useless pie hole about something which he has absolutely no knowledge of. Is anyone really surprised anymore? What a scumbag.
Gutless, traitorous, military-backstabbing, terrorist-sympathizing coward. And a vile, despicable, bald-faced lying fraud. Oblah-blah is not fit to serve in government. He is not fit to represent the American people. He is not fit to serve as President. One of the earlier posts stated the Oblah-blah can't even remember what lies he's already told. More to the point, he doesn't care! The sycophant media (no longer journalist btw, rather they are advocates and apologists) will never call him on any of the lies he tells. So there really is no down side his continued lying, and trying to convince people that he didn't actually say what everyone just heard him say. Such a gutless, useless P.O.S.
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