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My 83 yr old mother hasn't received her vote by mail ballot yet. She called me last night to contact our county elections board to make absolutely sure she got a ballot. She said, I want to be sure I get to vote against Wendy Davis!
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Petty Annoyances

Texas Girl Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 10:14 AM
Thank you! My pet peeve too..... "use four times less" "10 times less". I asked my father who's an aerospace engineer and college professor what in the heck that means. Said he doesn't know....I'd have to ask an ad agency.
I tear up at the pictures....so proud of them. I don't have a motorcycle, but If anybody ever organizes a "2 million Americans with Pick-Ups" ride...I'm there!
Why aren't you covering the ride today Townhall! The pictures are incredible!
The most telling characteristic of Liberals/Progressives is they refuse to admit what they are. I've never met a Conservative who didn't stand proud and announce their principles and beliefs.
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