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The GOP candidate can be a nice guy if he's got the answers. Rmoney doesn't have any different answers than Obama. To see a real nice guy with real free-market answers, look at Ron Paul.
The only person capable of beating Obama is Obama. Glenn Beck's Shoe could beat Obama if the economy continues to tank. Rmoney needs to just shut his pie hole if he wants to win.
Yes, but Reagan had a turning point. Rmoney has not. He still rattles off the same Keynesian economic drivel that he did as governor. No chnage.
Rmoney doesn't say "repeal"... He says "repeal and REPLACE"... Replace with what? My gut tells me he's not thinking free-market, here.
Really? That's what you've got?
Romney can't hit Obama on economics, because they use the same play book: J.M. Keynes General Theory. We could have had a Mises-Rothbard economists in 2012...
We could have had Ron Paul, but the GOP establishment didn't want a constitutionalist in the white house.
Sadly, few conservatives OR liberals are willing to relinquish their pet programs in order to restore the republic.
Constitutional government requires: Abolishing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, HUD, EPA, FAA, CIA, FBI, FCC, BATF, DEA, NSA, TSA, Homeland Security, etc. ad nauseum; closing and selling all national parks and preserves outside Washington, DC. Ending the War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War in Afganistan; closing GITMO and other secret prisons; ending rendition and torture; obeying habeus corpus; closing all foreign military bases; leaving NATO and UN. Abolishing all laws based on the expanded interpretation of the commerce clause, general welfare clause, and necessary and proper clause; all firearms regulation. Limiting the SCOTUS to interstate arbitration, prohibit constitutionality rulings. Repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments.
There is more than one way to vote. The ballot, sure, but the jury box is the more powerful. A well informed jury could nullify all parts of the healthcare law, fines, fees, and mandates.
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