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Young Hacktivists Worse Than DOJ Drone Killers?

Texas Chris Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 11:25 AM
Who is hacking who? Yeah, some pimple-faced basement-dweller may phish my password... But so? That's one guy stealing one guy's info. The federal government is archiving and reading everything you email, every text, everyone you call, everywhere you go with your cell phone, everything you buy and sell, where you eat, where you work, where you vacation, what you own, how much you make... Tell me, who is the bigger threat?

Pause and reflect on this hypocrisy: The Department of Justice prosecutes young hackers who use computers to promote free speech while highly educated adults within the DOJ threaten to use lethal drone force against American citizens without due process. Which is worse?

Certainly, I do not condone hacking. However, you and I need to start talking about the best way to handle cyber-attacks while also recognizing that the same government officials we trust to protect us are assaulting our constitutional freedoms.

Last month, cyber security firm Mandiant released an explosive, 76-page report indicating that the Chinese government is most likely...