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I thought Sam retired to his ranch in New Mexico years ago but he keeps showing up like a bad penny. He is just another media type who thinks he knows what is best for the rest of us. The Tea Party is not dead and some day will rise up and restore this country to what is supposed to be: A Constitutional Republic. The Liberals have denigrated the Constitution and everything this country was created to be; they have ruled long enough.
Unfortunately he is not the only Communist among Obama's henchmen; his Administration is full of them.
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GOP Political Insane Asylum

Texas Bluebonnet Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 4:03 PM
Wow, are you ever RIGHT on! But I am afraid it is too late. There are too many people who want to live off other people's success; the problem is there are fewer and fewer who can be successful due to the Dems' taxes, regulations, and general policies which discourage entrepreneurship and risk taking. If Obama is unchecked during the next 4 years this country will become 3rd world with half of the population on the dole. He doesn't want more people to succeed; he wants to bring the successful down by "spreading the wealth".
The public will never know who is responsible for the debacle at Benghazi nor will they ever know how the sordid affair of Petraeus impacted the information released about the massacre. No misdemeanors or crimes ever stick to the Democrats, no matter how damaging they are to the country. We have a rogue administration, a dictator who issues whatever executive orders he wants, and noone bats an eye. What will happen between now and 2016 will bankrupt the USA, financially and morally.
I will disclose that information when Obama releases his real birth certificate and his college transcripts. Does this sound like we are living in Russia?
Right you are! What is happening to those who were laid off and can no longer find a job?
As a small business owner, Carl knows what the Obama economy has done to him--put him out of business. There are probably lots more just like him who have been struggling for 4 years to stay above water. If Obama is re-elected it will be the end of the middle class but the poor will be protected by Obama's give-- aways-- paid for by taxes on the "rich".
Not because he won the debate but because he was more knowledgeable on the issues. Obama thought he could hang on for 90 minutes and everyone would give him a ringing endorsement. He doesn't have a clue about economics, foreign policy, or anything else of substance; he is a rabble-rousing Community Organizer who likes to stir up one side against the other.
A great review. Eastwood was brilliant even if a little rambling. Humor is a great way to get points across with no rancor, just the truth. Remember Ronald Reagan and his one-liners and jokes? He made everyone laugh while making it clear what his position was.; the left hated him. There may never be another Reagan but hopefully there will never be another Obama either.
Humor is always a good method of getting points across. Clint did it with a great routine, a very subtle way of expressing his thoughts without shouting, without rancor or anger. LONG MAY HE LIVE!!! The entire convention was a big hit with so many good speakers who emphasized Republican values and virtues. Enough said. Can't wait for the debates.
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