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Have you ever agreed with any article posted at Townhall?
Do you troll on Liberal sites?
Their special interpretation of the Constitution--Why not admit you are a Leftist?
But are you paying her the legal minimum wage?
You claim that you are not a Leftist but yet you are a long time supporter of the ACLU.
Sadly, that is sometimes how the law works. Your ACLU friends are experts on using legal technicalities. I will completely agree with you on T. Cullen Davis. His lawyer, Racehorse Haynes successfully portrayed Davis' wife and friends as "scuddies."
But somehow they manly attack Conservatives.
"Rude, condescending, and disrespectful" just like Ericynot1.
So he is no more a criminal than you or I.
For what crimes does Mr. North have any standing convictions?
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