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Cam Edwards Rips Media for Pushing Bogus "Sandy Hook Parent Heckled" Story

Texas12 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 12:08 PM
The audience let Heslin have his "rhetorical" question when he asked "I ask if there is anybody in this room that can give me one reason or challenge this question?" Then he actually asked the question "Why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips" There was silence from the audience. Then Heslin challenged the audience with these words "Not one person can answer the question." Not until this point was the challenge met with a response.

Yesterday as Twitchy and Dan reported, the mainstream liberal agenda driven media was pushing around a video clip claiming the father of a young student who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting was "heckled" and "shouted" at by pro-Second Amendment supporters during a hearing on Capitol Hill. Turns out, the clip was edited to portray heckling when in reality it never happened. Today a whole slew of media outlets are issuing retractions and apologies while some outlets, like