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Unfortunately annfan, that's about two more hours than our schizoid poster Loaded@$s.
Too bad you weren't one of them Loaded@$s.....perhaps next time. I'll clap politely.
Nah Loade@$s, we would just like him to micro-manage your healthcare so you would finally succumb to your disease-ridden, drug infested condition.
LoadedA$s, are you an AIDS-ridden, EBT carrying, 0-bamaphone dialing drug addict? See her response below....
Obviously Neil, in regards to Limbaugh you should follow similar advice to this column and actually 'listen to the program, with your own ears' instead of swallowing other pundits mud-slinging who also have never actually sat down and listened to one of his programs. However, I can confidently say that anything that YOU write should be discounted 100% and completely ignored.
No LoadedA$s, you EAT BS. You get real and quit living in your drug-induced EBT 0-bamaphone purple hazed world.
Read some Isaiah. That will depress you, because it sounds soooo much like the path this country has gone done. As a country, in my opinion the US will assuredly end up experiencing something akin to what happened to Israel back then. Isaiah 5:20 sums up the condition of nearly all liberal politicians and lefties in this country.
will_eatin$hit. Take William's solution to his liberal, atheistic depression. Do yourself (and us) a favor and off yourself and your little perverted mind. Jack-A$s
Being that Williams was one of the most rabidly liberal of Hollywood liberals (look it up) and atheistic to boot, it is not surprising. We need a few (or is that many?) Hollywood liberals (as well as mega business liberals) to follow his lead. If that's what it takes to get them a 2 hour eulogy on Fox news, then by all means depressed liberals please take that leap.
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Must-see Video: Inside IS

Texan1984 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 2:50 PM
WIll_Eatin$hit, please direct yourself to the nearest EOL Care Facility, take your pain pill and let the flaming case of AIDS infecting your...e-hem..... entire body..... run its course. Or eat a bullet. Quickly. Don't worry, you'll still be on 0-bama's voter rolls.
Still waiting for your AIDS and scar tissue to finally do its job and 'off' you LoadedA$s.
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