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Why America Is in Jeopardy

Texan1984 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 9:20 AM
Sorry Dennis - in jeopardy? No, the Spirit of America that was around since 1776 is already long gone. I already prep my kids to be ready for when this country fractures and breaks up. Sadly, that will be a good thing as Neo-commy / fascist sections of the country are too far gone to redeem. They just seek to suck the rest of us down with them.
Sad thing is, when I think about our Big Brother Gubmint, I envision all those old WWII posters of Nazis eavesdropping on conversations. Even sadder, it's reality today.
0-bama is doing all he can to fill its' ranks with even stupider voters - hence the 'no borders' policy he's flagrantly allowing.
I agree completely Sad4All. I used to think that the 'time will tell' was somewhere wayyy over my horizon..... now I am not so sure.
That's what I believe? Well thannnnk you!!! I thought I said packing fudge would never elicit a dignified and respectful response from me... When the gubmint says that I must treat homosexuals and all that implies with dignity and respect, they - and you - can do an act that is just as dignified and respectful - by ki$$ing my A$$.
Packing Fudge and sanctifying it as marriage does not, and nor will it ever elicit a sense of dignity and respect.
Followed by a big wad of spit / tobacco to the cadaver's forehead....
If that's the case, 0-bama better be careful he doesn't get we he wishes for....
By the way WillEatin$hit, when you read this, you and your partner go have a good time. Get AIDS and pass from this world quickly.
Hey, they're busy experimenting with integrating gays and transgenders and making sure they receive prominent commands. Pretty noble of them isn't it?
Send the B%$ch to Massachusetts where she belongs.
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