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Personally, I will not be too upset when they attack NYC, Boston, LA or some other such socialist urban utopia. 0bamites populating these areas are just about as foreign to many Americans as Iraqis are, and they both have decried America as 'the problem'. Who knows, perhaps it will hasten the break-up of the Union into autonomous regions. And by the way NSA blog sifters, F_U and your demoKrat commissars.
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What Have we Accomplished in Iraq?

Texan1984 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 5:26 PM
I would like to hear why the US participation in WWII was NOT legitimate. Please, take time to explain your theory.
Love that picture.... what a bunch of hair-lips, or is that haiw-wips....
Hopefully for Texas, the old saying applies: "If you are going to shoot the King, you better not miss the first time". I hope Perry and the rest of Texas do everything in their power to step on the head of these drunken bureaucratic demoKrat snakes and grind them to a pulp, and then watch their tails continue to writhe about for a few more minutes before expiring. Also, I wouldn't mind the old tar-and-feather treatment to be used on that drunken sow Lehmberg. Let's just declare a 'Ferguson' and pillage the DNC headquarters in Austin.
Loaded@$s is technically not 'getting dumber', she is just quickly losing her cognitive abilities due to massive daily drug infusions. Her meager supply of brain cells is just dying off due to the chemical hits they take every single day.
Flagged as a socialist weenie.
Nah Riffraff, WillEatin$hit prefers to lead from his 'behind'.
Loaded@$s = 'this is your brain on drugs' commercial.
Stay loaded and AIDS-ridden Loaded@$s....
Unfortunately annfan, that's about two more hours than our schizoid poster Loaded@$s.
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