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Presidential Overreach

tex1952 Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 5:14 PM
The answer to your first question,buckley,is.... " he has been getting away with it for almost four years" . Unless congress grows some cojones, he will laugh all the way to the bank with a truckload of taxpayer money, then turn around and flip us all the bird.

President Barack Obama has demonstrated, once again, that he is an amateur who has no problem battering and bruising the U. S. Constitution in order to win four more years for his “Dismantle America” tour. He is single-handedly making a mockery of our foundational document. Question is: Will he get away with it?

The latest episode of Obama’s “Believe It Or Not” presidency is a reckless, self-serving move to pander to yet another special interest group he polls well with: Hispanic Americans.

The president decreed that by executive order he would not deport certain children of illegal aliens. It...