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Colin Powell: Hey, Give Hillary a Break on Benghazi

Tessa6 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 4:01 PM
Like always lets take this argument to Sarah Palin, what in the world does she have to do with ANY of this brain dead administration and his ilk

Former General Colin Powell is a good American and an honorable soldier, but his habitual sucking up to the political Left has become as predictable as it is irksome.  To play armchair psychologist for a moment, I suspect Powell sensed he'd been stripped of his untouchable bipartisan status when he made the Bush administration's case for the Iraq war at the UN Security Council; he's been obsequiously seeking penance ever since.  Liberals' hatred of that war was largely an outgrowth of their enduring contempt for the Commander-in-Chief leading that effort (many on the Left are suddenly cool with American...