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How do we undo the damage in 2014 or 2016 even if we win? Will we have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate so we can pass the bill and send to Obama? Do you think he'll sign it or veto it? If he veto's it and shuts down the gov't will the MSM blame him or the 'right-wing extremist Tea Party conservatives?' And what makes you so sure we can even win in 2014 and/or 2016? Do you think there will be any less voter fraud? Will Dems support voter ID laws so dead people can't vote for them and so people can't vote more than once for them? No, we don't need Pyrrhic victories, but neither do we need to bury our head in the sand and just kick the can down the road and make repeal/defunding of ObamaCare even less likely.
Considering that there are at least 30+ RINOs currently in the Senate, that shouldn't be a problem. Betting John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be the 1st two on board.
There are 2 strategies currently being entertained to oppose O'Care. 1. The Tea Party approach to pass and support the House bill to defund O'Care. 2. The establishment Republican approach to wait until O'Care causes increasingly more visible/painful disruptions to healthcare, jobs and the economy then wait until 2014 and take our anger out at the polls and increase the Republican majority in the House and take control of the Senate. So let's assume we pursue Option 2. What then? Suppose we take control of the Senate. Does anyone think we'll have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate such that we can pass a bill defunding O'Care in both chambers and send it to Obama? Does anyone think that if somehow we managed to pass a bill that defunds O'Care in 2015 through both houses that we could override Obama's veto? If establishment Republicans are so sure that the Tea Party plan to defund O'Care now is doomed to failure, then by the same political calculus, their plan is doomed to fail in 2015 and beyond. It will never pass both houses and if it somehow does, it will never be signed by Obama. And of course, any gov't shutdown will be blamed on Republicans then just like they claim it will now. Certainly, the establishment Republicans know all this. That can only mean that their plan isn't about getting rid of O'Care. It's about increasing establishment Republican control and political power. I say wrong plan. The battle truly has changed from Rep vs Dem to 'inside the beltway politicians' vs 'we the people.'
My favorite deception by Richard (the Democrat paid liar) was that choice and competition is a good thing here. Since the exchanges aren't yet set up (only a week and a half to go) no one really knows what the 'choices' are going to be. I'm betting that the choices will all be less coverage for more money. In that case, the opportunity to choose between a bunch of plans with less coverage at more cost is hardly a good thing. When do we just start telling these people to their face what we all know - they're liars.
Wonder if Ed also thinks that you're a 'phony Christian' if you support the murder of unborn babies? Naw. Probably not.
I would almost never say this, but one thing I know is that no one who really knows Jesus would ever say what this guy says. Remember, God sent 2 angels to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah due to the perversion of homosexuality. Does this guy really believe that though God hates this abomination that Jesus, the Son of God, somehow loves it? Insane and blasphemy.
My immigration plan: 1. Secure the border 2. Require national implementation of E-Verify 3. Penalize employers who hire illegals 4. Stop entitlements 4 illegals 5. Repeal the portion of Citizenship Clause of 14th amend that permits anchor babies 6. The above will dry up jobs and entitlements resulting in significant self-deportation 7. The legal immigration process must include English proficiency exam 8. Allow a seasonal green card for migrant workers performing at seasonal jobs 9. Green card holders caught remaining in country illegally after expiration will be deported and barred from pursuing naturalization process for 10 years Does the above sound harsh? Perhaps. Nothing less will turn the abuse of our immigration system around.
Peopl, people, people. I'm sorry, but anybody who believes that an Obama administration will enforce any border security measures in this bill ever, much less before implementing amnesty is an absolute idiot! This is the administration that sued Arizona for passing immigration laws that mirrored federal law. They have not built the fence that was passed years ago. They pick and choose what provisions of which law they will enfore. They are bad actors who do not act in good faith. Oppose them and the IRS wil target you, or the NSA will monitor you.
Let's see. Didn't Clinton have a Republican controlled congress when we had balanged budgets? And didn't Bush have a Democrat controlled congress when we frittered it all away? And doesn't the Constitution require all Appropriations Legislation to originate in the House of Representatives? You've been watching too much MSNBC.
Hey Hamas, other ME Terrorists and all the antisemites here in America. Guess what. Israel has a right to exist too.
Why then does Obama feel it necessary to have so many fake followers if Twitter is really not important? Sorry Independent. You can't have it both ways.
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