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Remember when Obama himself said that Republicans didn't want to call the law ObamaCare because they were afraid it would become sooooo popular and he would get all the credit. Turns out it's sooooo unpopular that democrats are scared to death they're going to get all the blame.
You are mistaken on a couple of points. 1. 'So-called' i.e. Tea Party conservatives were NOT responsible for getting Dems elected. Recall in 2010, it was the Tea Party that was responsible for making the gains in congress that Republicans enjoyed. So what changed in 2012? Oh yea. IRS targeting of Tea Party which greatly impacted their ability to get out the vote. In other words, Democrats used the power of the government to target the political opposition and steal the election. 2. It is the establishment Republicans who have in fact failed to accept reality. Consider that even if Republicans take control of the senate by 2016 and win the presidency then as well, do you think they will have a filibuster proof majority in the senate? Without that, it will be highly unlikely that a bill will be sent to the president that defunds, delays or otherwise dismantles ObamaCare. The only way to get this law changed is to force it on Democrats. 3. If as establishment Republicans believe (and I agree) allowing the law to go into effect next year will prove deadly to Democrats due to the disaster it will bring on America then that will surely happen even if the Gov't does get shut down for a short while. What will voters remember in Nov 2013? When Republicans run on a record of making every effort to spare Americans the consequences of ObamaCare, voters will remember that, not a temporary shutdown. So the point is that even if Cruz's efforts fail as it appears they will, the establishment Republican approach still serves as plan B. Furthermore, it is the Dems who are constantly saying that Republicans have no compassion and don't care about the suffering of the people. Plan B proves that. Plan B says 'we know everyone will suffer, but we're willing to let that happen so we can enjoy political victory in the next few elections.' That is bad leadership and it's not what we're paying them to do. What's best for Republicans is not what's best for America if Republicans refuse to use their power for the good of America.
When establishment Republicans are spreading the same disinformation about the Tea Party that the Democrats are, you know this is a battle between 'inside the Beltway politicians' vs 'We the People.'
So let's say we take over the Senate and retain control of the House, then what? Do you think we'll have to votes to survive a Dem led filibuster? Will we be able to overturn an Obama veto? Same logic that establishment Republicans are using against the Tea Party now will apply then, but there will be one difference - establishment Republicans will have more power and control. That's what it's become all about for them. This is not a battle of Republican vs Democrat. It's a battle of 'inside the Beltway politicians' vs 'We the People!'
This is surreal. After demanding that the House pass a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare (check), Sen. Ted Cruz and others are insisting that their Senate GOP colleagues filibuster the very measure they've been asking for. - Guy Benson Guy, The above is a false statement and you know it's false, because as you know, the Senate version of the CR will include funding for O'Care and the House version does not, thus what Cruz et al will be filibustering is NOT "the very measure they've been asking for" because what they will be filibustering will include funding for O'Care whereas the "measure they've been asking for" does not. Why are you perpetuating this falsehood?
Fact: House passed bill to fund entire government except ObamaCare. Fact: Harry Reid has said that the House bill is DOA. Reid's intent is to. through parliamentary procedure, add funding of O'Care back into the Senate version of the House's bill. Fact: The Senate version of the CR will be different from the House bill in that the Senate CR will fund O'Care and the House CR does not. Fact: Guy Benson and all the establishment Republicans know this. They know the two bills will be different. Conclusion: Guy Benson and establishment Republicans are lying when they say that Cruz is planning to filibuster the House CR because they know that the Senate CR that Harry Reid gets through will be different.
If you think health care spending accts will be sufficient for the majority of people after private insurance is a thing of the past you're delusional. Even Dems are now admitting that O'Care is just a step towards a single payer (i.e. gov't run) system. Their intent is to destroy ALL alternatives. Wake up.
Yes. And we need to make the case to the American people that it is Reid, Senate Dems and Obama that are willing to shut down the government with their 'all government or nothing' approach. House Reps have funded all the government the Dems have ever wanted except ObamaCare. It is the Dems who are saying that's not enough and we'll shut down gov't unless we get it all. It's pretty simple, but establishment GOP are so afraid of the MSM that they're willing to cave right off the bat. They are haunted by the memory of the shutdown in 1994 which got blamed on them. But that was 20 yrs ago and times have changed. Are there risks to attempting to defund O'Care now? Sure. Is the payoff worth it? Is saving America for our kids worth it? You better believe it. And guess what. Leaders are willing to take risks.
Tell me people. What happens if we take the establishment Republican road. Say we pick up more seats in the House in 2014 and win the majority in the Senate all in 2014. Then say we go on to win the presidency in 2016. By then O'care will be so firmly entrenched that defunding it will make things even worse. There won't be private insurance offered by your employer anymore. Look at IBM, Walgreens, etc. They're dumping 100's of thousands of employees off private plans onto exchanges. How many private plans do you think there will be in 2017 and beyond? What will the alternative to O'Care and gov't exchanges be then? And even if we thought we did have alternatives, which of you thinks we'll have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate so we could defund it anyway? Are we going to pick up so many seats in the Senate in 2014 and 2016 that we can get past a filibuster then? By the establishment republican own calculus, we cannot win then either. Same logic will apply. I agree with those who say fight. Fight now and keep fighting until we win. Otherwise, you can kiss America goodbye - if it's not already too late.
How do we undo the damage in 2014 or 2016 even if we win? Will we have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate so we can pass the bill and send to Obama? Do you think he'll sign it or veto it? If he veto's it and shuts down the gov't will the MSM blame him or the 'right-wing extremist Tea Party conservatives?' And what makes you so sure we can even win in 2014 and/or 2016? Do you think there will be any less voter fraud? Will Dems support voter ID laws so dead people can't vote for them and so people can't vote more than once for them? No, we don't need Pyrrhic victories, but neither do we need to bury our head in the sand and just kick the can down the road and make repeal/defunding of ObamaCare even less likely.
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