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Do Yourself A Favor and "Voucherize" the Christmas Thing

Terry361 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 8:52 AM
Did you actually READ his article? If so, you need help with comprehension, if not, why on earth would you be spouting out your uninformed opinion on something you've chosen to know nothing about.

Several years ago my wife and I made a decision – we decided to skip The Christmas Thing.  Not all of Christmas, mind you, but all the parts which stress everyone out, but nevertheless don’t seem to do anyone any noticeable good in return. And we didn’t do it all at once, we kind of went through a phased withdrawal from the Christmas Thing over a period of consecutive seasons. But looking back at the results, I wish we hadn’t delayed the process of withdrawal like that but had simply given it up cold turkey (or maybe it’s cold...

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