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Actually he is smartest guy around. Not many people can put both feet in their mouth at the same time.
Iraq was his greatest achievement before it wasn't his fault.
Why is it is always someone's fault other than those in charge?
It's about love not sex? Is that why they have the bath houses? You think it is monogamous couples that go there? Get a clue.
Girls sold into slavery? Where do you suppose? Where are Jesse, Al, and all the other race hustlers who capitalize on what happened here 150 years ago, yet ignore slavery that occurs to this day in......Africa?
I have to fight the urge to feel sorry for him and his family. He campaigned for Obama. If the little girls father wants to know why he doesn't have a job, he needs to look into the closest mirror. If it were not for people like her father, he and many others would not be in this mess.
Well after all, he is a professor of Creative Writing. Wow, a true intellectual.
He did tell the truth once when he said to "....reward your friends and punish your enemies..." He said this referring to domestic issues.
Oh, it was only a couple of low level people in the IRS office at Cincinnati that were involved!
RJeremy, which of the multiple versions do your believe? Was it only a demonstration because of an internet video? Who told that version over and over? Probably some cons who get their information off a whacky website.
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