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I, like others below, would question the motivation of the college that would accept a disabled child, but the author of this truncated article should have at the very least explained that Clemson University has created a special education/training program for disabled kids that have a lot to contribute to society if given the opportunity to develop to their maximum abilities, not to mention their feeling of self worth. I think they call it the "Life Program" and it is for those with special needs.
I realize that you are being "over the top" facetious, but there will be plenty that will believe you to be sincere.....too funny. Just wait for the ignorant and the angry to respond. LOL! The millenials and the women that thought Obama was cute got him elected and now must suffer the consequences of his "change".
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Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction

Terry180 Wrote: May 09, 2012 4:54 PM
Why is Manpower Group popup covering half the article? How do you get rid of it? Help.
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