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Supreme Court Sets Stage for Immigration Reform

Terribly Frank Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 5:16 PM
The H-1B visa program is not designed for “the Best & Brightest”. It is designed to provide wage competition for US citizens in technical fields. If these occupations were in such high demand, we would have seen a strong increase in their wages. The wages have been flat to slight increase. Companies see the H-1B visa as a way to drive down wages and avoid the minimal retraining of existing technical workers. The requirements to pay the “prevailing” wage are completely ineffective. Low-skill labor has seen dramatic wage decreases as their labor market has been flooded with new (legal & illegal) immigrant labor. We need to get firm control of our immigration to make the USA stronger (both taxpayers/citizens & corporations).

The Supreme Court's decision announced Monday in the Arizona v. United States case opens the way for sensible reform of our immigration laws.

Barack Obama and his administration have taken heart that the court overturned Arizona's state penalties for illegal immigrants. The idea is that states can't pile higher penalties on top of those voted by Congress, just as states can't deport people who Congress allowed into the country.

But the much more significant part of the case was the unanimous 8-0 (Justice Kagan not voting) ruling upholding the Arizona provision authorizing state and local law enforcement personnel to help...