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Supreme Court Sets Stage for Immigration Reform

Terribly Frank Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 5:08 PM
Mr. Barone: “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” happened back in 1986 with the great Immigration Reform & Control Act. It had TWO parts 1) a ONE TIME ONLY amnesty for illegal aliens who had resided in the US for several years. 2) a promise to STRICTLY enforce immigration laws and workplace identification of legal residence. The first part legalized several million previously illegal aliens. The second part was ignored by Democrats eager for votes and Republicans eager for subsided “cheap” labor (social costs shifted to taxpayers). Why would any SANE person want to consider a new “Compromise” after being cheated by the last one? Fix & fully implement E-Verify. Fine and imprison employers who employ illegal aliens. Deport all illegals.

The Supreme Court's decision announced Monday in the Arizona v. United States case opens the way for sensible reform of our immigration laws.

Barack Obama and his administration have taken heart that the court overturned Arizona's state penalties for illegal immigrants. The idea is that states can't pile higher penalties on top of those voted by Congress, just as states can't deport people who Congress allowed into the country.

But the much more significant part of the case was the unanimous 8-0 (Justice Kagan not voting) ruling upholding the Arizona provision authorizing state and local law enforcement personnel to help...