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Modern medicine? Wasn't Obama supposed to make the lame walk?
"Additionally, we can still hope against hope ... that none of his other disastrous policies like Cap and Trade will be passed." Cap and Trade was defeated in Congress. That didn't stop him. He ignored Congress, "the voice of the people", and instituted it anyway, making Congress superfluous, unless it provides a rubber stamp, like a third world dictatorship. By this act and others like it, he makes himself Dictator. That's just fine with Congress. Then they don't have to take the heat from constituents and can keep getting elected.
"Republicans aren't against unemployment insurance, but they are making a valid argument that the continued extension of these benefits actually does harm to the unemployed by keeping them out of the job search." But, it keeps them voting Democrat. SUCCESS! Right in line with the motive of Lydon Johnson's Great Society program. In his words to his press secretary, " I'm going to make sure that the ni....rs vote Democrat for the next 200 years."
Polls, where they can give their honest opinion without fear of blow back, show that , consistently, 70-80% of self described Muslims favor Jihad and sharia law. The 20-30% minority is silent.
Exempting everyone earning less that $36,000 a year is not, as you say, fair. People who don't pay taxes vote for higher taxes. Everyone should pay taxes, sothat everyone gets hurt when they are raised! as Dear Learder said, Everyone must have skin in the game."
As a police officer of 35 years, I can tell you that the term "legitimate rape" is "legitimate". It refers to a substantiated rape. This may seem cold or cruel but if you are over sensitive to feelings, you'll never get to the truth, which is what it's all about. In my experience, far more than half of reported rapes are false claims. There are a myriad of reasons; pick one. I understand that a reliable statistic with regard to the pregnancy rate following a "legitimate" forcible rape is about 1%. Can't be sure of the statistic as I cannot name it's source. I am sure of my experience.
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