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College Board Attacks Local School Board

Terrell7 Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 2:31 PM
Hey... now we just mark AP graduates as uneducated as the Ivy League graduates and get on with our business without them. Last I checked Ivy League and AP are not part of the protected classes and we are free to discriminate against the indoctrinated.
Would it be reasonable then to apply the same argument of blind and stupid to the voting franchise and the myriad of voters who go in uninformed and Christmas tree the ballot like an SAT test? How does that principle of blind and stupid apply to Constitutional righs now?
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Terrell7 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 3:49 PM
What is even more chilling is the report in the Christian Science Monitor that a large percentage of people don't believe the First Amendment applies to offensive speech and that its okay to punish it. Huxleys Brave New World arrived well before I expected it. Check it out on Poor Richards News from the 16th.
Let em smoke... it might make the game more interesting since the typical playbook runs as thick as phone books and Sears catalogs used to be and marijuana makes you stupider. If we have a bunch of stoners out there trying to remember all those plays and maybe not getting them so right it could make entertaining ball. Just saying.
All the hullabaloo about the security is a solid issue. A good reason the tech savvy are not signing up. Another issue I haven't seen addressed yet is on the Young Invincibles. Twenty four percent of signups are the 18-28 or 34 or whatever the bracket is.... the question I have is what is the mix of that bracket. Would a truly healthy Young Invincible sign up for an exorbitantly priced plan with limited benefits and crappy usability? I contend that a large part of these 24 percent YIs that have signed up are maybe Young but not overly healthy or Invincible and will consume more usage that one of their Older Less Healthy group members might use. See what I'm saying. I have to wonder what the Invincible to Not So Invincible mix is in the Young group and how will that Adverse Selection work out.
The Government will not default on it debt. That is a falsehood. The payments on the debt and interest are a part of the spending, a part smaller than the revenue. The failure to raise the debt limit means that the government won't be able to borrow more. It will continue to be able to pay it's debts and "obligations" but will not be able to continue with profligate spending. I do agree that it is a psuedo-event. It is manufactured to sucker the sheeple into deeper and deeper dependency and loss of Liberty.
The Spanish American and Mexican Wars.... the ones that the Progressives pushed and prosecuted. There's the hypocrisy for you. WWI and WWII foisted by Wilson and Roosevelt, the leading Progressives. Moore needs to study up on his history.
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Obama's Hate Couture Divas

Terrell7 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 5:24 AM
They're just fumed that Mitt buys his shirts at Costco instead of from one thier overpriced outlets. I'd vote for him just on that alone instead of Mr Custom Fitted Empty Shirt.
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Eliminate the TSA

Terrell7 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 5:45 AM
We need more people to opt out. Lots more. Jam up the system. Some will reply that the TSA doesnt care. You mention the squeeky wheel. Let the airlines start sqeeking when they have to put up with flying half empty planes because everyone was in the opt out line waiting on the lowest common denominator TSA workers. We need more opt out people because the TSA people don't like doing the feel-ups. So let em quit. Make the system come to a grind. As to the $500 for the rebook. I thought about that recently on Lexington Green recently after I opted out to get to Boston for some touring. What is the price of liberty? Does a $500 rebook compare to staring back at the muzzle of a Brown Bess at 630 am on April 19, 1775? Does it?
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