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Leave Liberal Hollywood to the Liberals

Terminus in WA Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 10:41 AM
I don't know, Dobe. I kind of agree with you in principle, but not in the imagined results. What you and I might call classics, would likely bore your average voter or cinema-goer by its content and message. I do not believe that this Golden Age (if it ever really existed) to which you refer can ever be re-captured.

"We need to buy a movie studio."

Amid the umpteen conferences, panels, meetings and informal conversations in the wake of the presidential election, this idea has been a near constant among conservatives who feel like the country is slipping through their fingers. Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee combined raised just more than $1 billion, and all we got are these lousy T-shirts. Since conservatives are losing the culture, goes the argument, which in turn leads to losing at politics, maybe that money could be better spent on producing some cultural ammo of our own?

It's a bad idea.