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You are absolutely right, and you spared me the effort of writing so myself. There are indeed no art history professionals aside from professors. You can say the same thing about "Women's Studies". I'd like to think that a conservative would *not* have backed down from saying this.
It's not the conclusions of a hack journalist; he has just cited articles that have been published in real peer-reviewed journals. The Canadian study published in the BMJ had a sample size of around 250,000 if I recall correctly, and was pretty well-researched. If you want to critique something, go to the source material. The JAMA article was fairly conclusive. Obama himself is behind the times - last I heard he was still pushing for the yearly mammogram.
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And that holds precisely what relevance? There are people who from the time they were children have been dangerously violent. Born that way, you might say. Prisons are filled with such people. That does not absolve them from their responsibility to not be cruel and vicious to others.
So I am sovereign over God's will? Sounds excessively antiniomian to me.
I don't think Doug wants to communicate that he himself dug himself out; he put his trust in Jesus, and his affections were changed. Big difference.
Yes, the poster is an incoherent babbler, and quite unjustifiably convinced of his ability to be funny - what with all the LOL's. Hey, add a few more; it just makes it funnier.
If you're a Seahawk fan (as I am), then it was the best ever, and most memorable for years to come. Eat it, naysayers who said it couldn't be done. For the Bronco fan, I'm sure it was a tragic disappointment. For everyone else, it was probably terribly boring, as have all Superbowl blowouts been to those w/o a team preference.
All Salon, all blogs, and all the same author. I'm sure it's a very reliable source.
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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Terminus in WA Wrote: Feb 03, 2014 10:16 PM
That's probably a good thing, because the majority of voters are woefully uninformed anyway, and probably shouldn't vote in the first place.
Woohoo! Seahawks handily beat the Broncos. Sorry Denver fans.
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