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A Bullet a Day Keeps the Doctor Alive

Terminus in WA Wrote: 13 hours ago (3:43 PM)
That is very true. I work in health care, and the general philosophy is that you are free to run and hide, but self defense is somewhat frowned upon. All the policies exist to protect the patient (from himself, other patients, or care providers), but the safety of the actual employee is of much less concern.
Unfortunately, the google translation of the review is nearly incomprehensible, but one gets the general idea. Wimps should have just tried to make it right, or post their own clarification in response to her review.
Yeah, that is pretty bad.
"Except that God renders to Caesar." - What? That has to be one of the worst Bible paraphrases I've seen, perhaps even worse than Gore's "Where your heart is..." or something like that. Liberals have a horrible grasp of Scripture, like Howard dean not knowing that Job was in the Old Testament.
"... they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them." - Romans 1. Such people really need to carefully examine themselves to see if they are genuinely in the faith.
...and if you hold or dare to state these very same views today, you are a homophobe of the worst sort. Just ask that guy who had to leave Mozilla. It was acceptable, even expedient to say those things at the time whether believed or not. It's frightening to think that such a position is considered antiquated in just a few years.
A U-turn? You make me sick. That's another level of depravity altogether.
I wondered. What was it supposed to say?
I have two (in 34 years of driving) but dispute one of them. We are the dregs of society. Let the name-calling begin.
Yep, that would be the iconic Ted Kennedy, hero of the left. Drunk, abusive, and responsible for the death of (at least) one woman. Should have been a career killer + prison term, but not for a Kennedy.
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