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I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she's matured from those opinions, and is perhaps even embarrassed about them now. This particular stand-alone article is fairly well-presented. However, I would be pleased to see her recant her previous assertions regarding Beyonce.
I don't think we can go and think that KD has many "conservative" values beyond this particular issue. She is pro same-sex marriage and abortion as I understand it. She would also probably resent being admired on a conservative web site. But maybe she'll mature, having been burned this time.
I'm not convinced you even read the article...
I'll add my two cents. No, LDS is not a legitimate Christian denomination (despite what Joel Osteen may have asserted). In fact, if you were being honest, you would admit that your founder pronounced all other denominations as false, and Mormonism the only true religion. We can be friends and partners in secular pursuits, but we are not Brothers. Our theological positions are at complete odds with each other.
Whether "professing" Christians are united on a topic or not has absolutely no basis on God's position, which is clearly stated in the Bible. Now, if you choose not to hold said source as your authority, we are having a different discussion.
I think Saletan's article is satire/hyperbole itself; he appears to be the resident conservative at Slate. However, the tone of his article is nearly mirrored in their actual commentary by other writers.
I guess there are comments - I'm just not used to navigating the site.
I just went there to read the article. What a vindictive, cowardly weasel. I wish there was a comments section there. I will be uninstalling FF as soon as I can import the settings to another browser.
Yowza. No dissenting views considered. What about the homosexuals who are content with civil unions? Let's make sure they are fired too.
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Dissent on a One-Way Street

Terminus in WA Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 6:11 PM
Particularly the Billy Graham one. I'm calling BS on that.
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