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Obamacare dashes the hopes of those with type one diabetes;http://www.creators.com/conservative/mona-charen/obamacare-hits-the-most-vulnerable.html
He is everywhere. And you cannot disprove it. What is your obscure point?
Amen. But have a little faith. We aren't dead yet.
Your first sentence is more accurate, and describes a greater danger than most of this countries citizens realize.
To ignore cost vs benefit is to ignore facts, and to make decisions based on emotion. Reality goes out the door, giving birth to nonsensical phrases such as " If there is just one person who can be helped." Such nonsense is then used to justifying taking my earned money and giving it to someone the government thinks can make better use of it. Enough is enough.
The 18% are those we all are paying for. They're getting a free ride. You'll never hear them complain about that. The aca is nothing more than another liberal program, forced on us to redistribute wealth. Barry said he was going to "spread the wealth around" , and he wasn't kidding.
Conservatives have been wrongly, but effectively accused of being anti women, racist, and anti-poor. That needs to be effectively debunked.
The public twice elected a lazy, narcissistic, incompetent teenager in an adult body office. The result is not surprising.
At the risk of offending some GOP moderates, I must agree. The dem turtle has poked his head so far out of the shell, it should be easy to cut it off, but is there anyone willing to wield the sword? That said, you never go to war with the army you want. You go with the army you have, and rely on leadership skill to carry the day.
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