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What's the procedure? Does the House have to vote on it?
You can say that again. :-)
Your on the wrong website. This is Town hall.com. Not the website for recovering LSD abusers.
I stand corrected king. You never hear those words pass barry's lips......
He had a beer and played some pool, I don't care. Michelle probably said it was "ok". But his next stop should have been the border for first hand knowledge. The problem is Barry has an aversion to tackling problems directly, and seems to consider it beneath him, especially when his actions have caused the problem in the first place. Members of his own party are viewing his actions with increasing concern, which he finds intolerable, resulting in rebukes from the Whitehouse for the offenders. Little by little Barry's world unravels, and he handles it poorly.
How about a president that would enforce the laws?
For three squares and a cot in exchange for a promise to appear for an immigration hearing. Is this your first time smoking pot??
You figure it out on your own. Meanwhile your president continues to tarnish the already damaged libtard brand.
California sits on a very active fault line. It gives me hope.....
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