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But that would mean 20,000,000 fewer Democratic votes. Therefore don;t hold your breath. BTW, great work on the numbers. Very insighful.
Mike, correct me if I am wrong, but it's NOT paranoia if it's actually happening, right?
that should have read, "YET, Muslims are exempt"
And it's doubly insulting that the individual mandate applies to Christians who oppose it based on Catholic teaching, you Muslims are exempt from the individual mandate because their religious teaching forbid usury. Since Obamacare is considered Insurance, Muslims get a pass. SMH.
Some might say "Metrosexual". Which does nothing to negate the "EEEEWWW" factor. the guy is just smarmy, creepy, and I wouldn't leave him in the same room as my minor children.
True story, but I (incorrectly) thought that there was a chance for victory based simply on Obama's record in term one. In hindsight, it's pretty hard to beat a democrat base populated with tons of multiple voters, dead voters, ineligible voters (aliens), and the Muslim Brotherhood thugs at the doors of your local polling place. I'm convinced that until we can clean up that mess, it may not matter in future elections.
I couldn't agree more. I indicated this to a very "politically connected" Republican friend, back when the country was gearing up for the 2012 primaries. I said I couldn't see Romney winning. He said it was a moot point, because Romney would be the candidate. Now some conservatives still wonder what went wrong. Will they never learn? SMH.
Only the current form of mental illness plaguing tbrennan55 can contribute to the confusion that "right-wingers" are at war with anyone's rights. Comrade tbrennan55, your ignorance is showing.
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Labor Unions Against the Public Interest

Teresa8 Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 12:51 PM
In the "Further Reading" section in this article, Chris Edwards, of the CATO institute, makes some very interesting points. One factor, as pointed out by Mr. Edwards, is that government services are "legal monopolies, such as police and fire. the result is that consumers don't have the option of abandoning unionized public services if they become too inefficient, a they can with unionized services in the private sector". Unlike the private sector unions, the public sector's lack of restraint in spending on salaries and pensions demanded by their unions, the economic burden falls on the taxpayer.
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