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The Emotions of People

Teresa3 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 7:43 PM
Charles, -Great Insight in your article! Understanding these ideas could really save America right now. -The biggest problems? How to get people to HEAR the message, think it through, understand how nations rise and fall historically,... before it's too, late! Schools don't teach it, and parents don't insist they teach it. -We are now being lead by the people who were raised/educated on progressive agendas and revisionist history. We must give this current generation a fighting chance to restore our Constitutional Republic by: Allowing local control of school curriculum; Teaching Civics w/original sources; Capitalism (not "crony-capitalism"); How class warfare fails; and Personal Responsibility.
"The emotions of people are far more similar than their intellect."- Stanley Kubrick

I had a chance to see the Stanley Kubrick and Caravaggio exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art over the weekend. Both were fabulous. While the images of Caravaggio resonate in my mind's eye, observations from the iconic director were eye-opening. Considering the notion that people's emotions are more similar than intellect would explain a lot of things, including the General Petraeus scandal, elections outcomes, and action in the stock market.

Kubrick understood that in the end, we are self-destructive to a degree. Now we have the...