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How Foreign is Our Policy?

Terbreugghen Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 9:10 AM
Timely subject. I listened to a morning radio call in about the ACA. Calls were uniformly agitated about its failures while the host continually tried to limit or condition those responses. While I regret not calling in (mornings are a rush for my family) I would have loved to make Dr. Sowell's point above. The ACA has not failed, in fact it is doing exactly what was intended, the destruction of private health insurance industry and the control of doctors and patients by government under the threat of the IRS. The radio moderator just about knocked me off my morning perch when he summed up with, "It's too late to go back and it is up to Congress now to make this work." Bravo, Team O. Well played.
As an academic, I'm all for justice AND freedom. Korn's assumption underneath her position is that SHE and her friends already KNOW what "justice" actually is in each case. To her deluded mind,it appears there simply is NO argument that supports the existence of Israel, limits of conjugal marriage, a rejection of free (i.e., taxpayer paid)abortion, universal access to free (i.e., taxpayer paid) contraception, or any conservative point of view. Anything that can possibly be labeled heterosexist, racist, or otherwise bigoted should be ELIMINATED. And there's NOTHING that cannot be labeled as "otherwise bigoted." Torquemada would be proud. One wonders if Ms. Korn has ever heard of Torquemada. . . hmm.
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The Cultural War Against Christians

Terbreugghen Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 8:53 AM
The "ick" factor cannot be the basis of law. That said, I've also been ambivalent about the issue, precisely because of the fact that Jesus ate with sinners and chastised the (self) righteous. But there are many places in the old and new testament that advise the religious person to refrain from participating in what are viewed as sinful acts, to "avoid the near occasion of sin," etc. I suppose I would photograph the gay wedding, but what would be the consequence of my continual speech condemning the ceremony while I was taking pictures? And then there's the question of religious liberty and conscience. Clearly Ms. Parker is correct that black business owners should not be required to sell sheets to the KKK.
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The Cultural War Against Christians

Terbreugghen Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 8:47 AM
I've read on this subject for years, but Ms. Parker's clear statement is one of the best I've seen. Kudos, Ms. Parker.
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Squeegee People

Terbreugghen Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 8:43 AM
The liberal thought process is exactly as Mike describes. I once witnessed a court proceeding in which three liberal aunts were called to testify about why their teen neice was "acting out" in the community, and what should be done. They did all they could to paint the father as a monster and the niece as a passive victim who had no free will and who had to "act out." In a surprising moment of triumph, the guy got up and said, "OK, I'll take credit for all the bad things my kid is into, though I never for one second wanted her to be doing them. But if you're going to blame me for her worst moments, then you're going to give me credit for the good as well." Shut them right up. Liberals are so predictable. And(luckily) the juvenile court judge wasn't having any of it from those three either.
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Academic Cesspools

Terbreugghen Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 8:35 AM
I wonder about the idea of segregated graduations and whiteness as oppression. I wonder if whites are kept out of the black graduation ceremony, and how this could possibly pass constitutional muster. I wonder why, if blacks are kept out of the white graduation ceremony (surely there must be one for the sake of "balance," no?) why that would not attract the very element of white supremacist racism that the practice of segregated graduations would be intended to eliminate. I wonder. Well, we know that there is no "whites only" graduation and there never will be. And that's fine by me, but when does it become obvious that the race baiting liberal is the real racist that we need to run out of town?
a lapsed and returned catholic, I was disappointed to find that there are priests within the church who de-emphasize sin and preach forgiveness, grace, or "sweetness and light" as my wife and I call it. Yes, that is there, but the truth of sin is also present, and neglecting it is a problem. This issue is present in all christian churches, and has been so since the time of the Apostles. Why would it change? Thanks Prof. Mike as always.
Unfortunately, Mr. Romney also lost because there are many conservative christians who would not vote for a Mormon. Not a victim statement, just fact. I was a Romney supporter in 2008 and 2012, and I would even support the guy for another run if we could draft him. He has it all. Corporate experience at the highest levels, Executive experience, Experience saving a floundering concern (Winter Olympics) Experience running a State government administration, etc. My only concern would be his lack of military experience, but my bet would be that he'd get competent advisors, and that he'd kick the declaration of war back to the congress where it belonged all along. Ahh, a great, great loss for America.
Turns out that the worst place to be a Muslim is also those 10 countries. GO figure!
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Change Your Species, Race? Why Not?

Terbreugghen Wrote: Oct 07, 2013 8:46 AM
The fact that one can new choose a gender identity not based on biological reality is prima facie evidence that one's orientation identity is behavioral, not biological. Our courts have been busy destroying conjugal marriage in favor of companionate marriage because we have been told that orientation is biological and must be accommodated. Now we are being told that one's identity is chosen and unrelated to biology. Ooops! Which is it? As usual, it is whatever the liberal progressive says at the moment that gives them advantage, and it changes to suit the situation. Nothing new, however. What is unfortunate is that anyone accepts that bull.
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