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Common Core Math is Ridiculous

Terbreugghen Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 8:45 AM
That's exactly what I thought, though I came to the method on my own and I do it a bit differently (breaking 17 into 10 and 7, adding 10 then 7.) I taught my granddaughter this approach, and she's considered a math whiz in her grade school class.
My question is no matter what we do with high skill workers, how do we stem the tide of low-skill immigrants here illegally? The answer seems obvious to me.
Why did marriage arise in almost every single human community in histoyr? Can anyone recognize this? And no, it was not to oppress women.
THis thread appears to ignore the main point of the author, that marriage has a civil function and is primarily intended to protect children, not assuage the emotional urges of adults. Arguing about the state vs. some religious view does nothing to protect the children from the whims of sexualized adults who create them.
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Walker Wins Re-Election in Wisconsin

Terbreugghen Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 9:22 AM
The polls and mainstream media outlets had this race close. I'm from Wisconsin but live in another state. I am hot under the collar about the duplicity and partisan pandering of our mainstream media. Not that the idea is new to me, I've seen it all my adult life, but never to this degree. How do conservative politicians function in a political environment where the mainstream press is willing to outright lie to the people for political advantage?
I do love the sneak reference to Al Sharpton's Tawana Brawley hoax. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tawana_Brawley_rape_allegations
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Exploring Christopher Columbus

Terbreugghen Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 8:48 AM
The reason Cortez was able to subdue Moctezuma was that many of his "neighbors" were happy to see Tenochtitlan fall. They'd been raiding the surrounding peoples for slaves and human sacrifices for centuries. What the Spanish put in place, however barbaric, was orders of magnitude better than what the Aztecs were doing. And what the North Americans did was orders of magnitude better than that. Check out the Crow Creek Massacre (especially the date) for a more realistic picture of the cultures that were replaced by European "invasion." http://www.nebraskastudies.org/0200/stories/0201_0122.html
didn't mean to flag this one.
It is possible--if young people, in particular young men--that these latest developments will cut down on not only sexual assault in general, but sexual intercourse by students across the board. Looking at some examples of how this has been used by colleges, who in their right mind would engage in an activity that could ruin their entire professional life before it even began? Who in their right mind would put their professional life in the hands of a female college student fresh out of high school?
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What About Bobby Jindal?

Terbreugghen Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 9:43 AM
The US popular media has already decided that HIllary is next and there is almost nothing to stop it. I would love to see a Condi Rice/Bobby Jindahl ticket in 2016. I see your sexism card and raise you a race card.
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