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If that's the game plan, then they are SCREWED..... what a DUMB idea
Dems don;t care about legality nor outcome, as long as they get the votes today
It would be simple for Scottland to thrive.... simply make it less exensive for companies to do business in Scottland than in England.... lower tax rate and it will pull business from the brits....
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

Teqsand Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:15 AM
If the black community wants to blame a white man, then the one to blame is Lyndon Johnson(D), it was his "great society" that destroyed the black family unit and eventually led the black community down the path they're on..... if you look at any statistic, the black community faired better prior to the democrats "help"
That idiot "stuart smalley" (al frankin) won his senate seat by a margin that was small enough to be affected by voter fraud, and minnisota is rife with voter fraud.... so a sitting US Senator was elected by fraud
it's not a mistake on the person doing the double vote....time for some JAIL
answer the question Dan, how many fraudulant votes are you ok with? 17 is by YOUR OWN admission to be a non issue, then how many do constitute an issue...... sorry you don;t like the tough questions
Since somehow getting ID to vote disenfranchizes people (seems only dems though), how about before you enter the booth to vote you get your thumb print..... then ever thumb print is scanned instantly into a computer, if it's found you voted twice, then you get 10 years in prison minimum...... this can also be done for absentee ballots
how many inncocent people going to jail are you ok with? How many cases of deiscrimination are you ok with? and let me ask you, is voting twice really a mistake? I mean would you "forget" you voted in one district then go vote in another? if people can make this kind of :mistake" do you really think they are an informed voter making a responsible choice?
how many do constitute an "issue"? how many fraudualnt votes are ok by your standards?
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