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More Scared of History Than Destined to Repeat It

TennisMan Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 9:45 AM
"more openings for the high-skill immigrants we plainly need." Don't believe it. the problem is our education system, get the Feds out of the system, let the states address this and make the universities profit centers to compete for a better education. Bring shop back to the high schools. Creditation is measured by jobs produced. Technical college grads would rather go for startups like Google than the established corporations. An innovative company would have more trickle down compensation/profit sharing with guide lines like the top folks don't make more than 5x the lowest paid folks, fund follow on education, where use of temporary employees is a rarity and folks are retained past 40 years of age.
0_BAMANATION Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 11:08 AM
WestTexan Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 12:58 PM
I agree, he lost credibility on the salary restriction. A free market should be a free market. The CEO has every right to earn more than an UNSKILLED janitor. Janitor's do not drive Cadillacs or Beemers.

Traumas suffered by a society generations ago can still have a negative effect centuries later.

This is something Americans of a certain age should have no difficulty understanding. Half a century ago, we had to grapple with a dysfunctional and unjustifiable system of legally imposed racial segregation. It was a legacy of the Civil War a century before and of slavery before that.

Americans managed to reform that system, but it wasn't easy. Getting rid of policies that are the responses to long-ago traumas is a difficult business.

Two current instances, one facing America and the other facing Europe, come to...