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Unemployment Claims Up, but it’s Sunshine for Maddow Blogger-Producer

TelePrompterLess Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 7:11 AM
Actually, unemployment (thanks to the brilliance of Obama's economic team) is ZERO. And that's because anyone who doesn't have a productive job is suckling on the teat of Big Government...99 weeks of unemployment, then Social Security Disability for life. Add in food stamps, a free cell phone, and Obamacare...heck, you'd have to be a fool to work.
evie10 Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 8:53 AM
It was horrible listening to Bob Beckel trying to defend how this sudden increase in the numbers of totally disabled persons was a good thing and that ALL of them must be completely deserving of the disability insurance - certainly no one would have trumped up reasons for being disabled.

Weekly claims for unemployment rose by 20,000 people last week.

That’s 362,000 workers who now don’t have jobs. And that’s 7,000 more out-of-work persons than economists had predicted- but don’t worry.

Everything is still great for Obama.

Every time we get bad news like this, it just seems to get better and better for Obama.

The Chicago Sun Times says that claims are up, but the good news is that they still suggest “modest hiring.”

MSNBC blogger Steve Benen, who is also a producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, says that claims are up,...