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Let us not dismiss Gruber's thoughts quickly, for he may be right. Consider whether or not the USA might be better off today - financially, socially, and any other metric you may choose to use - had these Americans had mothers who chose abortion: Barack Obama Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi Alan Grayson Sheila Jackson Lee Patty Murray Maxine Waters Barney Frank Chris Dodd Eric Holder Chris Matthews Kermit Gosnell That's but a short list, but hopefully we can all see that some abortions would have been beneficial after all.
Keep in mind that facts and the actual grand jury investigation mean nothing to the illiterates who run around thinking the Gentle Giant was innocent. To paraphrase what Jack Nicholson said (as Colonel Jessup) You want me to riot, you need me to riot. The guilt or innocence of one young man, while tragic, probably saved lives but that matters not - WE are the people who will avenge Mikey's death by rioting and destroying our own community and the shop owners who have been loyal to Ferguson - because we want to riot, we NEED to riot.
Yet another indictment of the MSM
And the media says "HooRah"
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Obama vs. Us

TelePrompterLess Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 8:34 AM
if the voter is responsible for his own education, then can we cut school spending? The problem I see, rebmort, is that the average Democrat has no clue about economics or history, and government schools do little to relieve him of that ignorance. I think Vince has it right.
The cop was white, the killers black. That is all the evidence we need that these four upstanding young men are innocent.
Perhaps because the mainstream media did little to disabuse them their lies were no longer resonating with flyover country?
How Obama got reelected is a mystery as well. Who knew there were that many low information voters? Minorities (and white folks with liberal intentions) voted to Obama for no other reason than he was black. Imagine if I told a black man or woman I voted for Romney only because he was white? Or Mormon?
Obama's two elections were a slap in the face to the Constitution.
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