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I would like to be a jockey and find in unfair that the weight requirements preclude me hauling my 220 pound carcass onto a thoroughbred. Life is so unfair.
Mandatory price transparency for health providers and drug retailers. Allow insurers to incentivise (not mandate) taking the less costly option.
I think the best strategy is if the chick intimates that some Horizontal Hula is in the offing to say something like, "I don't ever have sex with women in California." " Why? I'm slotted to take over someday as the heir to my father's multi-million dollar business and I can't afford to have any gal I sleep with hauling me up on charges because I forgot to call her the next day." Of course, this just increases your chances of getting shagged.
One would almost think the lawmakers of CA fell and hit their heads. Pity,the young men will have to print off some Sexual Consent forms from LegalZoom. "OK, sign here. Initial this codicil about allowed penetration locations. OK, now, the results of the Breathalyzer I'm about to administer. Whoops, ya gotta sign a consent for that as well. Initial the latex allergy waiver. The dirty talk waiver which just says that it is not a form of harassment but a consensual arousal tool, as it were. Thank you. Do you want the "I'll call you" or "Don't tell me your name" form?
That's very sexist. Men and women are exactly the same under the law, no? The way to end this nonsense is to get some women in the dock. "I was drunk your Honor, I didn't give her consent to ride me like a pony."
So if a man is drunk, can the female be charged?
"Why are any American conservatives so supportive of British secessionist movements?" Well, we do have a history of throwing off the shackles of a despotic England and all.
Their definition of patriotism is odd. Cutting the corporate rates would likely result in increased income to the Redistributor General.That money would be taxed at the individual level. Their mantra is always, "More For Us, Less For You"
"...diversify the workforce through demographic distribution based hiring and innovative training strategies." Popular Annual Financial Report King County
First, they conquered Oregon and I said nothing because I was a Washingtonian. West of the Cascades, it's San Francisco North, where the largest county (King) has racial hiring quotas listed in their Annual Financial Statement and spends millions on so-called Social Justice, Fairness and Equity ideologies.
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