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Tekov Yahoser Wrote: May 27, 2014 8:05 AM
As well you shud.:)
Second hand smoke has killed no one. Wait, I could be wrong. Maybe you can come up with three folks' names that died from it? You would be the first. Even the NCI admits as much.
I would add that medical debts of the uninsured would no longer be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings. So... sure, knock yourself out.
I hear Corvettes actually get pretty good highway mileage due to their light weight and aerodynamics. Must make The Green's heads explode.
Love the sarcasm!
"Watson? This Progressive Experiment is sure to work ... THIS time!" Literally... insane... people... are running our country. I have a front row seat to the shuffling madness here in a suburb outside the city limits of Seattle.
Watch it ! The Left wlil demand you get Bashired.
They didn't have the right people in charge. This time...
Why is it never spending cuts now and tax increases... later?
We could cut costs by sending the intelligentsia to the the rice fields and ordering physicians to provide services at the point of a gun./ What happens when doctors refuse to accept the pitiful reimbursements? The poor with their Obamasurance get the shaft.
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