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The Next Union Showdown: Teachers vs...Rahm Emanuel?

Tejano2012 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 10:29 AM
The article mentions an ADDITIONAL one billion dollar shprt fall on pensions AND the current contract the teachers want wll cause the budget to go and ADDITIONAL 800 million dollars in the red. ADDITIONAL 800 million, plus the one billion plus the current deficit. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU WANT so how can you say you deserve it? I want a new BUSA Sport Bike but I do not have the money so I cannot have it. I am a hardworker and a good dad and I think I deserve it but I CANNOT AFFORD IT so I cannot have it.

First, there was Chris Christie. Then, Scott Walker. And now...Rahmbo.

Yes, Mayor of Chicago and President Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is gearing up for a battle with the Chicago Teachers' Union, likely to come to a head this summer. And while he's Gov. Walker's political antithesis, Emanuel finds himself in the same sort of budgetary crisis as Walker's Wisconsin -- and staring at the very same solution: cutting costs in unionized areas of the public sector.

While he’s also working to implement cost cutting for firefighters and cops, Emanuel’s most prominent target is...