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A business can be large, have tons of revenue yet show no profit at all and go bankrupt. Happens all the time.
For some reason when I hear of Obama's struggles growing up in Hawaii, living with his grandmother who was vice president of a bank, I think of the movie The Jerk, Steve Martin's line "i was born a poor black child"
If she paid 3 grand for birth control while in grad school, she is STUPID. Sorry, I saw Sandra's pics from her trip to Italy while she was in grad school. The 9 to 12 bucks a month (for most women) is a matter of priority, MOST could afford it just fine, no reason to force everyone else to pay for it. Sex is not a right. The whole thing was silly and the ACA is raising costs for middle class citizens that pay taxes. If you were on Medicaid or got earned income credit I am sure it will help you. If you actually pay income tax then you just got a huge increase in your bill.
To be fair, my GF's birth control at Wal Mart is almost 13 dollars a month so there are some pills that cost more, LoL
Jesus USMCPGW, birth control would save the guys life if he was with Sandra Fluke because if she got knocked up it would kill her boyfriend! LoL
Rush Limbaugh says something dumb and ride and everyone cries out "War on Women" and Obama makes a public statement, a liberal says something and its so silent you can hear the crickets chirping, hypocrisy.
51 Years on this planet and I have yet to get pregnant but hey, who knows what evolution may drop on us tomorrow! I may have to let one of the guys on my crew go and do the work myself to save the money and offset my increased health insurance costs but if I get pregnant I am covered baby!
another article said they were being told not to report their cash income since it could not be tracked so they may be getting some "free" Obamacare at taxpayer expense. Talk about screwing the taxpayer, well, not screwing the taxpayers but still getting paid, something like that. LoL
I have an idea, let’s elect a guy who was stoned daily until he was almost 30, a guy that never had a real job in high school or college like most of us did, let’s elect him and have him revamp 1/6th of the US economy that should work out great for the TAXPAYERS of the US. And I do mean taxpayers, people who work and actually pay taxes, not people who get back more than they pay I (earned income credit). The ACA is a huge tax on the middle class.
You know, I would like to hear a few arguments that push preventing all these so called unwanted pregnancies. Its not like you sneeze and get someone pregnant, its not contagious, you don't get pregnant by drinking from the same sippy cup as someone else, I can't slip and fall on my wife, my stuff lands inside her and BAM! She is pregos. And it was not for the lack of the 9 bucks to get the pill at Wal Mart. If ya got money for cigs and booze, ya got money for condoms or the pill.
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