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The Libertarian Era?

teetime Wrote: Nov 14, 2013 11:20 AM
Time for party re-alignment. Let's have a two party nation. Liberal and Conservative
I have a problem with so many calling something "democratic" when it is "democrat. It is the Democrat Party not democratic. It is not a "democratic" senator or congressman but a "democrat". Please help me correct this common error which is made by so many, including conservetive writers and broadcasters. Thanks
How many of that 500 will overstay their visa?
I would call the GOP reps GUTLESS. Much like the GOP Rino9s in South Carolina. They had a chance to nullify Obamacare but really did nothing. South Carolina is governed by Democrats and Rinos.
3. Those governments would still be broke and we would be much richer if we used only our oil. But - - - we still have idiots in our midst.
Let me come to the defense of Obummer. His extreme case of narcissism requires an unlimited amount of applause. Therefore, he must travel extensively to hear it. He didn't get as much in Senegal as he hoped. He probably will go to SanFrancisco, Chicago or St. Louis to get his narcissitic fix.
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Random Thoughts

teetime Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 11:26 PM
He needs a daily dose of applause to survive. Must be a terrible feeling.
Never fear! Matters will be handled as soon as the amnesty bill proposed by McCain, Graham and Rubio is passed, those receiving their citizenship will vote republican in next election. Democrats don't have a chance. :-)
I flew to Dublin, Ireland in 2002. Two young fellows,m each about 20 years old were denied getting off plane as they had no job there and no one there expected to give them one. The Irish immigration official told them they would fly on to Shannon, then back to the U.S. They were told their passports would be returned when plane was in route back to U.S.
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