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Yes he does. You're turn.
Never heard this is my gun and this is for fun? Full Metal Jacket.
Thanks Jim, that was good for a laugh or two.
Ah, that's nuts. Thanks anyway.
Well those on the wrong side of history, meaning most of TH, I'm out for the night. See ya.
No, he would acknowledge that the struggle is Eternal, and it is. Equality is a human longing. You are the Evil Empire, trying to suppress what is Good and Noble, meaning Equality.
It's about Equality Mud. For me, and you, and Bud's rug muncher daughter.
Oh no EC, you sign the paper and that is the end of that. Look it up.
Hey Pet, what was the Original Purpose of Marriage? And why was most of humanity not born to those who were married?
"Your generic solution brings us back to siblings or any two adults being allowed to get married.: Yep. We call that Liberty.
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