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Reince Preibus turned this poo-stained party around in short order. He got the GOP house in order after Michael Steele left him with a bunch of debt and no ground game anywhere.
I would take pleasure in seeing Sen. Landrieu get stomped after she denigrated her electorate in the way she did. Coming in third and missing a runoff would be a slightly worse than losing outright but I'd still enjoy that scenario, maybe a bit more.
Compared to Al Houmani of Iran she is.
Not to worry, all the former residents of New Orleans will be brought in from Houston to shore up the vote for Mary.
This is just a shade worse than Romney's "47%" line but a few shades better than Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" lunancy.
So the good news is that even after all the incompetence and all the failed programs, America survives and because of its inherent greatness, is poised for a roaring comeback. It starts by taking back the Senate on Tuesday, the GOP controlled Congress must then create the agenda for which we will elect our next President. Both symbolic legislation, ending the "Czar" thing, and actual legislation, passing a budget on time, can occur and will be wildly popular. It will also end the trope that the "GOP can't govern". Cheer up conservatives, Monday is this administration's high water mark, the plug gets pulled Tuesday. Everything that comes after that will be reversable or extremely damaging to the future possibility of a Democratic win in 2016.
John Podhoretz is on to something, enough with the moderators. If the debate can't be self moderating (i.e. having 13 people on stage) then it shouldn't be done. What's the fear, that one person would overwhelm the other? If we need a timekeeper to ring a bell, fine, but there should be no interjection whatsoever by any non-candidate.
If say, 70% of the gains from the shift are in districts already locked down by the GOP, then it is meaningless. You see, the gains would have to come in districts the GOP doesn't control or has to fight for. We need a focus on the micro-demographics to understand how elections will swing.
The big flaw with this study is that it is a macro study. The Presidency in 2012 was decided in a couple dozen counties by a few million people. I'm more interested in knowing how those counties are going to shake out in 2016.
I do not share your optimism. I have run into many people of the same people you are referring to and they still don't get it.
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