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You can't be cereal.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

Ted in California Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 8:30 PM
John Kerry's picture is hanging in the Vietnam War Hanoi.
God willing, the Republicans don't screw this up somehow and make Obama look like some sort of martyr or elder statesman. Stand back, let the incompetence shine. Drag out these investigations and let the corruption be well known but DO NOT take action to impeach the man. Try the man in the court of public opinion.
Exactly. This is the Apathy Class in America.
The country is apathetic. When the major networks produce nightly news that leads off with stories of tornadoes in the Midwest that kill a few people rather than any of the other huge things going on in the world, we know it's over. The networks are fulfilling their own agenda but sadly they are also meeting market demand. Far too many Americans could care less, that's why we are doomed.
When I am missing relevant tax documents during an audit, I will expect the benefit of the doubt when I say my hard drive crashed.
It was a false victory. Stability was never achievable. American/Western style Democracy is not achievable in this region of the world. These people are living in darkness. One of the pre-requisites of the modern Western state was the Age of Enlightenment. The Middle East has never experienced a similar cultural and social evolution. To try and force the modern Western state ideal of government onto these states is crazy.
As long as that battlefield is not on American soil, Americans will be indifferent to it. The entire Middle East and a large portion of Africa is falling into a state of anarchy.
The next step is mandatory employment laws. Which would look a bit like this. You can hire people to do minimum skill jobs, an apprenticeship of sorts, for less than minimum wage but only for a period of time, say 2 years. Then you become a journeyman and should get paid at least minimum wage. An apprenticeship could not be terminated without cause, such as theft, or other criminal activity. And people who have no work experience what so ever would be given favor for an apprenticeship. All that sounds good right? Except there are consequences for this kind of control. Businesses would adjust, less people would ultimately work, and real wages would suffer as people would bounce from apprenticeship to apprenticeship and very rarely get hired as journeymen.
Seattle, please start giving out more goodies to the homeless, to illegals, and more welfare programs. Then maybe, must maybe, some of the riff raff from California will finally leave.
Being a port city, they might not totally tank but this is the exact trajectory that Detroit took.
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