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Pie in the sky stuff here. Congress won't end Obamacare, corporate welfare, or any other form of subsidies to Big Business in America, that's who bankrolls their campaigns. We can't just bring home the troops either. What the hell does that mean exactly? The U.S. Navy protects the world's sea lanes which enables us all to enjoy the fruits of the global economy. Not to mention the deterrent effect those forces have on bad actors throughout the world. The fact we have forward deployed forces and use them keeps the snakes in their holes and keeps tyrants of all shapes and sizes from rising to power. Now, we can and should stand down our forces in certain regions and allow for powers such as the EU (Germany in particular) and Japan to re-arm and that will only happen if we remove some power from their regions and have them pay for their own defense. However with Japan and the rise of China, we should do less removing, more relocating, and encourage the Japanese to reconsider their pacifist constitution. Ron Paul is a washed up political light weight, he's also an insincere hypocrite, and his followers were duped into believing he was something he was not. He was a pol his whole life. He used government to enrich himself and his family. This message has been carefully crafted over time to draw people into his circle of all bark and no bite rhetoric. I'm sure he has an army of family members standing by to collect your donations and to circulate his goofy ideas.
Mike seems like an honest and sincere man but he has a 0.0% chance of becoming the President and I think he is smart enough to know that. So why run? Ron Paul enriched himself and his family with his regular presidential runs with similar chances of winning. Mike Huckabee seems to be following Ron Paul's former footsteps here.
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The Ironies of Oil

Ted in California Wrote: Dec 31, 2014 12:25 PM
Cheap oil, it's what will propel the world's economic growth into through the next decade.
Funding the government is the right thing to do politically and from a practicality standpoint. Shutting down the government right now makes no sense whatsoever. However, I am sure Federal employees would love to get a couple weeks of paid vacation again. Seriously though. The Republicans need to grab hold of the power of the Legislature. They get to control the Congress next month. At that time, they have one primary mission. To use their power effectively and they can start by producing a budget on time. That's the true power of the purse. Send the President a budget he has to sign or deny. They will control the committees, they will control what gets put in the budget, they can make their stand there. They can take popular positions on political matters through the legislation they pass. In that way, they will control the agenda going forward.
Nope. They are not mutually exclusive ideas.
Trey Gowdy needs to be the principle party questioning people during Congressional hearings in the future.
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S.E. Cupp: The Death of a Meme

Ted in California Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 2:46 PM
As a general rule of thumb, don't say always. I think that "Hands up, Don't shoot" will be around for a very long time.
MLK has been dead a long time. Rioting has been a common behavior for decades in the black poor communities. Why is anyone surprised by this?
Brilliant. Now, lets see if McConnell and Boehner know how to do this. Rove and Preibus got them enough power to put forth an agenda. Come January, the Republicans need to start pushing bills to the President. I like Charles Krauthammer's idea of a bill a week but modified. The problem is that's roughly 100 bills between now and 2016 is too many. It would just be viewed as a stunt and easily dismissed if you go for volume. Good legislation would die on the vine. I'd like to see one major piece of popular legislation every quarter. If the Republicans can just get 7 or 8 big pieces of legislation up to the President between now and 2016 on popular ideas, they'd have a ready made platform for 2016.
That's nonsense. If given the choice of dealing and making thousands of dollars a day and making $200 a week in some grease pit or cleaning homes, most people would chose to deal.
The war on drugs has created a horrid environment in inner cities. I'm all for out reach but the root of this tree is the fact that illegal drugs are extremely profitable and the markets they move in are illicit and outside the law. These markets will always exist. It is time to end the prohibition and start treating addiction and mental illness appropriately.
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