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Laughable "Issa turned it into a partisan witchhunt", when it was the IRS who was abusing their power to impede private organizations in their missions because of their perceived political preferences.
Hopefully, criminal charges are the first step. This is leverage and necessary to get a plea deal for her testimony. I'd let her walk and even let her keep her retirement (pro-rated, minus the time she spent abusing her power) in exchange for information that would show the extent of this activity at the IRS at other possible Federal agencies.
He is being asked now, I'm presuming in an official capacity, what involvement he had and if he lies, then lying to Congress should be the charge for Rep. Cummings. Which should be enough to get him censured, if not impeached.
It should be obvious to everyone here but since it's not, Darrell Issa is obviously a racist and is bigoted towards women. Why else would he go after Rep. Cummings or Ms. Lerner?
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How to Assist Evil

Ted in California Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 5:02 PM
Something else happened during WWII. It wasn't just a geopolitical struggle, which was very common in Europe for hundreds of years before the 20th century, there was a true evilness that rose up and gripped the world. Maybe the deep dark evil tha swept the globe was always there but only enabled by the advances in technology, however it became clear that genocide was the order of the day in both Europe and Asia. The Axis powers were responsible for murdering tens of millions of people all because they were seen as contemptible forms of human life. The German's "Master Plan" is well known, however Stalin was also a mass murderer and so were the Japanese but their acts were and are still lesser known. Not long after WWII, the communists around the world continued their purges and pogroms. So, while it is valuable to examine the evil that swept through Germany at the time, I think that there is a greater form of evil that was really responsible for almost destroying the world seventy years ago. I'm afraid that we will forget these lessons and with the technology we now possess, it's only a matter of time before another great evil rises up and finishes off the majority of humanity, if not all humankind, if we don't guard against it everyday of our lives.
Get out! Hillary Clinton is pondering a Presidential run? I didn't see this one coming.
When LA folds, it will happen within the span of about 5 years when all the high end wealth and middle class flee. What's left will be a wasteland of people who are incapable of fleeing because they are wards of the government and have no ability to leave. There will be a catalyst for this change, maybe it will be a natural disaster, maybe it will be a hike in interest rates and a period of high inflation, maybe it will be a terrorist act that disrupts the city in such a way to make it unlivable or undesirable. I'm not the first person to predict doom, its been a long time coming, but the foundation of wealth in the city has been destroyed over time and its only going to take one good shake to bring it all down.
Except their is only one problem, nobody cares about this. Or, rather, not enough people care. As tragic as flight MH3070 was, I'm willing to bet more time will have been spent on covering it than the whole IRS scandal.
I'd bet the strategic weapons are much more important to the Iranians than tactical ones would be. Suitcase nukes may be something the State would want to place into the hands of terrorists however I'd be willing to bet it'd just be cheaper to buy one than to try and develop your own.
Who needs an ICBM when you have a Boeing 777 to deliver a bomb into Tel Aviv.
"A fourth lesson is the moral necessity of divine revelation..." By far the most important lesson being forgotten today. The assault on religion is all about destroying God so that Man can be the moral authority. I am not particularly religious. I question the interpretation of the Bible as a literal document. I even question my own faith. However I do not question the lesson Mr. Prager offers here. Man is inherrently wicked and without the moral authority that comes from God, we are doomed to an existence of wickedness and the tyrrany of evil men. I may not be a faithful Christian but I do not deny that Judeo-Christian morality is good for civilization.
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