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That sounds like a Dennis Miller quip. Well done.
This began under Bush. I am no Obama fan but you should be aware of the facts. He got squeezed out under the previous admin. Point being, the machine that is government is largely apolitical. It serves itself first and it will chew you up and spit you out without a shred of thought if you get in it's way.
Only dweebs nitpick grammar by an unpublished writer.
If someone were to tell me that Libya was where we negotiated arms to go to nongovernmental opposition groups in Syria, I wouldn't be surprised. It was a broken state. There were lots of ways for us to contact people to set up the transfers there. The Russians find out and go make there own deal with a bad guy. They feed those thugs intel and whamo. We get hit. The Russians send us a message after we cut off there Cyprus bank accounts and after we threaten to lock them out of there only Mediterranean port. We talked red lines and Putin split our lip and said, butt out. So we did, just like President Obama said he would after he got re-elected. Crazy? Maybe but I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't far from the truth.
Open primaries are bad for the party, however I'm not sure if that is a GOP issue or a state party issue.
You are insane. Priebus has resurected the GOP as a national party.
That WAS the reality. Sort of, no one ever chose moderators "randomly". I'm not sure where you got that idea from, it's not like they used to put names in a hat for a drawing. If you follow Reince Preibus at all, you'd know that getting control of the nomination process is what he is primarily focused on now that they have gotten the financials straightened out at the RNC. Watch the video again, listen to what he is saying, then go search what he's done in the past year alone.
The National Socialists wanted the rest of the world to look like them. Progressives want us to look like the rest of the world. By the way, most of the rest of the world is terrible.
The idea is pragmatic. Welfare will not go away in it's entirity. Consolidating the programs into one place makes it more transparent and more efficient. Creating a non-specific fund that has one purpose, to fund state run programs is like putting the states on an allowance. The states would have more flexibility in administering the programs they need and want to run. If the state does a terrible job of using this money, it is so much easier to hold that state accountable than it is someone at the Department of Agriculture when wide spread food stamp fraud is suspected. The Republicans can save money and reduce the footprint of the Federal government this way. Additionally, the Republicans will be able to defend this idea because they are not looking to "end" welfare, it's reform just like Bill Clinton gave us. I think this is a good strategy.
“but would it be ok for Israel to come in and bomb Rockville, Maryland?” Of course not, it's not okay for Hamas to launch rockets at Israel. Oh wait, she wasn't framing this from that side of the argument.
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