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Exactly. I would add this. Don't discount the political power this gives Dems this November. Historically, mid-term turnouts of minorities and young single women is very low. These are key Democrat constituencies. People Democrats desperately need to show up this November if they are to hold the Senate. Who are we hearing about and seeing coming across the border, children and young mothers. Identity politics at its worst but it could be very effective. This is by design and it's very layered in its calculations. Even if they are deported, it won't be until far into the future and even then it won't happen unless Republicans insist on it which would then give Democrats the opportunity to paint them as racists.
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Obama's Incompetence Sinks In

Ted in California Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 12:16 AM
The Minister of Information must not have gotten the memo out to this people yet. They will be singing a different tune in short order. Sadly, this is a win-win for the President and Democrats. If they stay, the Dems get voters. If they are deported, the Republicans will be painted as the racists who forced his hand. It would take an America First media to report on what is happening and then really hammer the President for his indifference/negligence. I don't believe that will happen.
It's a numbers game. To have a chance to influence policy, the conservatives need the GOP to take the reins of power.
One woman was spared, an unknown multitude have not nor will not be spared. All the while women will be further persecuted by having their genitalia mutated. So the best you can hope for under sharia law is to have your private parts mutilated and be treated like a piece of property. These cultures are severely deranged and as a society, we should stop with the multi-cultural equivalency non-sense. Stop importing this madness into the West. If they want to butcher each other, let it be done in their own horrible part of the world.
I want to create the next great existential crisis and enrich myself combating it. What if I could convince everyone that fine particulate matter is the primary cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases and that you could extend your life 5 years just by wearing a mask everyday. I could then sell masks but so could everyone else. I need something novel, bigger.
You can't be cereal.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

Ted in California Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 8:30 PM
John Kerry's picture is hanging in the Vietnam War memorial...in Hanoi.
God willing, the Republicans don't screw this up somehow and make Obama look like some sort of martyr or elder statesman. Stand back, let the incompetence shine. Drag out these investigations and let the corruption be well known but DO NOT take action to impeach the man. Try the man in the court of public opinion.
Exactly. This is the Apathy Class in America.
The country is apathetic. When the major networks produce nightly news that leads off with stories of tornadoes in the Midwest that kill a few people rather than any of the other huge things going on in the world, we know it's over. The networks are fulfilling their own agenda but sadly they are also meeting market demand. Far too many Americans could care less, that's why we are doomed.
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