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June Recession Call Looking More Likely

Ted358 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 10:07 AM
Largely unremarked in economic reports is real inflation. The fake number now reported by the FedGov is missing prices for foodstuffs and energy. That little omission commenced in 2009 I believe. As both are an essential and central cost of everyone's living costs, the voting public is being deprived of one of their most important economic indicators. Somehow this needs to be exposed before the election for the voters to have a real measure oif the economic disaster that has been visited on the USA by Obama's policies, ( intended or not ). The MSM won't touch it.
Wumingren Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 5:15 PM
Most Americans are aware of the rising fuel and food prices. They don't need to hear the lyin' lips of government telling them anything they don't already know. Inflation is going to have an impact on the election, regardless of the administration's denial. The real reason the govenment is lying about inflation is because if they reported it honestly, they'd have to shovel tons of money into the cost of living allowances that are attached to all the welfare and govenment payrolls. A true reading of the inflation values might also push millions more people under the poverty line, thus opening a flood gate to more welfare expenditures. The government thinks it's being sophisticated, but it's nothing but a cartoon.

"Unexpected" weakness and downward revisions are hallmarks of the beginnings of recessions. And so it it with durable goods. Economists had forecast a gain, instead there was a 1.6% drop. Moreover July was revised lower as well.

Bloomberg reports Orders for U.S. Goods Excluding Transportation Unexpectedly Drop

Orders for goods meant to last at least three years, excluding volatile demand for such things as airplanes and automobiles, fell 1.6 percent last month after a greater-than- previously...

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