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Break Out The Party Hats

Ted358 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 10:49 AM
Both my wife and myself, retirees, are licensed realtors in the State of Florida. We see no light at the end of the housing tunnel here, not even a faint glow. Almost all sales here are to foreign buyers, for cash, investing in the still existing overhang, or if citizens, buying through FHA with Bernanki funny-money, a reprise of what was a contributory cause of the recent collapse. We live now on our Social Security only in lieu commisions. Perhaps the light will go on with a new Federal Administration?

Break out the party hats. 

No, not because the regular NFL referees are back on the job, because the housing market is in full recovery. At least according to the world’s smartest economic journalists at Bloomberg, a subsidiary of the Obama campaign.

The media is becoming a laughing stock among people who have a scintilla of common sense, have tried to balance a family budget, have owned or own a business. In their efforts to influence opinion instead of reporting on opinion, at least the media provides some daily humor to those living in the real world.