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Does this mean the Air Force will have to sell Piglosis Jet?
The schools are teaching kids that guns are bad so, with parental consent, I take youngsters to the range with me. After learning the safety rules you should see the smile and enthusiasm on their faces. I turns their education re guns upside down. The anti crowd is always louder than we are but we can make a difference.
Bribed with prostitutes? I'd say they were thinking with the wrong head!
Isn't phenobarbital known as the "truth serum"? If that is what it is let's give some to the entire administration in the District of Corruption!
Cap production at 80 tons? Yeah, let's limit the availability and keep the prices high. That oughtta work about as well as the state controlled liquor stores.
Are you an over educated idiot or just an idiot claiming to be educated?
usmcpgw. I'm retired USAF with 3 Nam tours. We don't call it retirement pay, we call it deferred comp. Pay no attention to kevin, He was born in a Taxi cab in NYC. It was a hit and run affair!
March? Hell why not hitch a ride on an 18 wheeler next week?
Another nut job in 1994, Dean Mehlberg, shot up the Fairchild AFB hospital killing 5 and wounding 22. This was after Komrade Klintons rule that the troops could not be armed while on base.
I wonder if Lurch realizes he'd have to take out every aircraft, rocket, artillery piece, truck, motorcycle and automobile in the country. These ALL can deliver chemical weapons.
I will never call him the President. To me he will always be referred to as Mr RESIDENT!
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