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12 years of public school indoctrination followed in some cases by 4+ years of higher indoctrination, and 50 years of the welfare state. There are now more takers than makers and many of the makers can't think past their teachers' propaganda.
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Reid: Rich Want to Pay More in Taxes

TechDel Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 8:46 AM
This man has lost touch with reality aka gone insane.
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Walk of Shame - List of Names

TechDel Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 1:22 PM
You must have missed Excuses 101 as taught by Obama. These 14 people are disgusting. The dems have made a living parading supposed victims in front of the media. When the reps bring in REAL victims, your party and the MSM ignore them. Pathetic!
The pathetic dems love to surround themselves with so called victims, but when a couple of REAL victims of their horrendous policies testify, they all walk out. Insensitive a**holes. What is wrong with the people who keep electing these haters?
Unethical and vicious? That's a laugh. It was wimpy and non-confrontational while Obama was typical Chicago hate and lies. Don't you know that 0 has won almost all his elections by revealing dirt, whether true or not on his opponents? Spit out the kool-aid before it kills you, idiot.
Even if she did recall something, what difference at this time would it make? If this woman gets elected pres, can someone provide the address for the Canadian immigration office?
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