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Feds Allow Florida Access to Data to Prevent Voter Fraud

TeaPartyNation_ Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 5:46 PM
"Fla. governor, GOP win access to database of noncitizens" There can be no doubt that this OBOZO regime database is total BS and lists few, if any, actual ILLEGALS. FL Gov. Scott and the GOP should have asked for the REAL ILLEGALS database - the one being used by the OBOZO campaign to get fraudulent votes from ILLEGALS in the US.

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration attempted to block Florida Governor Rick Scott's efforts to purge ineligible voters from Florida voter rolls. A review of drivers license data turned up 2,625 suspected ineligible voters. But the DOJ tried to stop the state from acting on this information.

Nearly two months later, and after getting smacked down by a judge, the Obama Administration is being ordered to help Florida clean up state voter rolls. This past week, the Department of Homeland Security agreed to let Florida access a law enforcement database to prevent non-citizens from voting.