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$500,000 is just a ROUNDING ERROR to the total amount of our tax money that has been wasted by the OBOZO regime.
The dumbing down of America is well under way from decades of unionist socialist indoctrinators (aka, what used to be jokingly referred to as "teachers") who have infiltrated the nations schools and universities and produced a nation of unknowledgeable, undereducated morons - the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists' favorite type of person because they are so easily distracted from anything important or significant and instead can be manipulated into swallowing every piece of BS shoveled at them by the socialist media.
Myanmar President Thein Sein met Friday with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who declared the country formerly known as Burma open to American investment. Immelt and OBOZO probably then had a beer together to celebrate, and then Immelt gave a kick-back of even more money to the OBOZO re-election campaign.
Two points: 1. The OBOZO “Jobs” Council consists of companies that a the largest outsources of jobs in America. 2. The Head of the “Jobs” Council is top OBOZO crony capitalist GE CEO Immelt. To illustrate the mutual butt-kissing between Immelt and OBOZO, consider this: Anybody wanna know the REAL reason OBOZO lifted sanctions against the brutal, assad-like killing regime in Myanmar last week? Here’s why: July 15, 2012 12:00 am • The Associated Press YANGON, Myanmar – Just days after the U.S. eased key sanctions on Myanmar, General Electric became the first American company to invest in the former pariah state, signing deals Saturday to provide medical equipment to a pair of hospitals.
Even with bailout bernanke's desperate and potentially harmful actions, the labor force participation rate - the most significant measure of US employment - continues to decline and is now at nearly a 40 YEAR LOW, while "disability" claims and food stamp recipients are at an all time high. If bailout bernanke and the feckless Fed really wanted to help the US economy (which they don't - they just want BILLION DOLLAR profits for Big Banks and Wall Street), they would do what the rest of us must do: defeat OBOZO and elect Romney.
Thanks to the failed policies and business-bashing actions of OBOZO and his dictatorial regime, the American economy is no longer on life support - it is stone cold dead. Rigor mortis has passed and the economy has now become just a decaying, stinking corpse. In spite of this, bailout bernanke, to justify his massive salary and humongous benefits, continues to provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to this rotting pile. All that is doing is creating asset and bond bubbles which help his Wall Street masters reap massive profits, but which also will inevitably collapse causing equally massive harm to the poor and middle class.
Harry Reid: If We Win in November, We're Going to Nuke the Filibuster ...with an absolute, tyrannical dictator in the WH, dingy-harry won't have to worry about the filibuster or anything involving the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the law, American freedoms, etc.....
"Former SEAL Team Six Member Launches anti-Obama PAC" ...this is so great on so many levels that I'm speechless with joy. Ryan Zinke continues to be a hero for the nation.
Romney must fully use the *Nuclear Option (aka, the TRUTH about OBOZO) = OBOZO's 20+year mentoring by vile, racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic piece of excrement jeremiah "God Damn America" wright, OBOZO's training by American terrorist bill ayers, OBOZO's advanced training in racist extremism by beneath excrement Derrick Bell, OBOZO's training in communism by lunatic-leftist Frank Marshall Davis, OBOZO's teaching of Alinsky's radical extremism as a community organizer, OBOZO's membership in the radical socialist New Party, OBOZO's dirty dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezko, The Choom Gang and OBOZO's drug addiction, details of OBOZO's hate-fill Black Liberation Theology, the mysterious Social Security number used by OBOZO...,
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Matthews: Obama Is The Perfect Man

TeaPartyNation Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 6:57 PM
Matthews: Obama Is The Perfect Man ...hey, Tingles, cooper came out of the closet - now it's your turn to "man"-up.
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