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Awesome: DOE Has No Idea What Happened to $500,000 in Stimulus Cash

TeaPartyNation Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 2:33 PM
$500,000 is just a ROUNDING ERROR to the total amount of our tax money that has been wasted by the OBOZO regime.

Solyndra, Fisker... If you thought nightmare stimulus fallout couldn't get worse, you thought wrong. An audit by the Department of Energy concluded that the agency has no idea what happened to $500,000 worth of stimulus cash granted to an unnamed company. The recipient failed to keep adequate records, and so the money has basically disappeared. Half a million dollars, and nothing to show for it.

The program was given nearly $2 billion in stimulus funds "to support the construction of U.S. based battery and electric drive component manufacturing plants." As of June, DOE had "expended" about $1.2 billion of...