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What November Means for Sequestration and Debt Ceiling

WE are no different than ancient Israel, we have turned away from God and told Him to take a hike. This is in MHO, His judgement upon us, we have tortured and killed babies and elected a monster who delights in this sick form of human sacrifice; we have allowed perversion to run rampant in our culture and the panderers/purveyors were media and entertainment yet we still support them with out money; and we have become selfish and me me know the free 'fo's', Many people have fasted and prayed for the Forty days prior to this debacle called an election and I guess there weren't enough of us. We have a party of secularist, God haters who booed him; and booed support for what did we expect. I feel like God has turned
There will be a lame duck session between Election Day 2012 and January 2013, when President Obama has his second inauguration and the next Congress takes office. And in that time, incredibly important policy must be decided.

We will see an enormous decision that must be made on the Bush income taxes and the payroll tax holiday, but what might provide more problems between the parties are the sequester spending cuts. Democrats do not want to admit that they have pushed sharp defense decreases upon the country as a "compromise" for raising the debt ceiling last time. It's surprising that...

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